Saturday, 7 February 2015

How To REMAIN Happy!

I am sure you must have read a lot of posts that say " How to Be Happy!", "10 Ways To Be Happy", "How to REMAIN Happy". And they must have given you tips like

1) Let go of Your past
2) Count to 10 when you feel angry
3) Exercise
4) Be Kind
5) Spend some Family Time
6) Love Yourself..... and more of such Introspective Tips.

But what they don't tell you is HOW to follow these tips. How to keep doing it or even START doing it for that matter. It is only natural, for humans to be motivated for a week, maybe a month and eventually lose it. (Except for a few 'Mutants' who  have unshakable will power). 

1) Accept that you want to be better
Just like all correctional therapies, the first step to remaining happy is also to find out what is it that you lack? What regressive qualities do you possess? It can be anything from procrastination, envy, fear, recklessness, being self-centered, or just plain laziness.

Evaluate yourself. Ask people what is it that you should change about yourself. Observe what you don't like in others and understand that there maybe something within you that might not be appealing to others .  Most people are highly aware of what is it that they lack, but are hesitant to accept it.
And trust me, the day you find out those things that maybe slight, put persistent flaws in your personalities, life will become a wee bit easier.

2) Vipassana - Cleanse Your Mind

This is the toughest and the most crucial step you need to take. Most people do not know what Vipassana is and those who do, think it is as an Ashram where 'you cannot talk for 10 days'. 
Well let me tell you one thing for sure, Not Talking is the easiest part.

When I went for my first 10-Day Course I was 20.  This is what most of my close ones imagined me doing.
Vipassana, Meditation, Happiness, Love, Mind, Soul

Fortunately, for me, it wasnt.

Vipassana, (in sanskrit pronounced as vi-pa-shya-na) is one of the most flawless techniques used to strengthen your mind. It trains your mind to unload emotions which are deep-rooted. When you break your Vow of Silence on the 10th Day, you will walk out with a clear mind and a content soul, provided you follow the rules.

You can give yourself infinite  reasons to not attend the course, but all you need is to get rid of  unnecessary excuses 
You need just 3 things to attend a 10-Day course. Will Power, Time and Effort.

The link below will take you to the schedule of the 10-Day Courses and take you one step closer to remaining happy in life.

3) Be.Here.Now.

This will be much easier and mechanical once you complete a 10-Day Vipassana Course What Vipassana does is, it cleans out your mind and makes it faster.( Think of it as a clean-up app for your phone or computer). Live in the present. Focus on the task at hand, even if its as simple as eating or bathing. Keep your mind and your body synchronized.

4) Karma always works. Always!

Give Good, Get Good. Karma is the one thing that Every Body,( except for religious fanatics) believes in. And it undoubtedly is true. Do as many good things as you want and fear doing bad things to others. Fear it as you might fear hell.

And when you do good, keep your mental volition crystal clear. Don't do it just because you are afraid it might come back to bite you in the ass, but also because it will make the life of another easier.

5) Exercise

When I say exercise, I dont mean go crazy and become a body builder. You should either workout at home , join a gym, do yoga or enroll for a dance class. DO anything that keeps your body moving atleast for an hour. 
This lets out built up energies, and enriches your mind on daily basis

6) Nothing is Permanent

Remind yourself, just like the seasons, nothing in your life is permanent. Everything is constantly changing. Your sadness is not going to last for long and neither is your happiness. Find a mid-path and stick to it. (This also is one of the things that become much easier once you do Vipassana)

7) Have an outlet

Either you have that one thing that always relieves stress or  keep trying out different things that work as an outlet. Avoid using Intoxication  as it does more harm than good. Instead of letting things out, it pushes it deeper into your mind and makes it all the more difficult to get rid off.  Also avoid materialistic therapies like shopping, spending. Do productive things. Maybe volunteer for an NGO, put up a stall in an event, anything that makes you happy.

My outlet is Bhartnatyam, a form of Indian classical dance I have been practicing, since I was 8. I also love to try out new things, meet new people, that is when I go to Blue Bulb

8) Love & Kindness

Love with all you have and be kind to those who cannot give you anything. Kindness is as effective as love. If you are well equipped with sacks full of L&K you are SORTED for life. Not only does it give you good karma but also purifies your soul in ways you cannot imagine.

And remeber, the only way to live life is in absolute happiness.


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